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A few years ago, a master technician from a busy franchise, told me that his workshop had only two watering cans between ten technician!

Every time he needed to fill up a washer bottle, he would first spend a few minutes locating the watering can. Then he would walk across the workshop to fill it, then head back to his work station. The next technician would then repeat and so on.

In an average day, each tech wasted approximately 10 minutes on this pointless task. That’s a staggering eight hours per week of lost labour time. Even if I’m exaggerating (I am a salesman) it’s still at least five hours of lost productivity.
The reason for this? The management had made some money saving cuts and refused, amongst other things, to pay for each technician to have their own watering can.

Now my maths was never spectacular. But on franchise labour rates say conservatively, £75.00 per hour. Isn’t that £600.00 per week?
This made me wonder what else was slowing down the effectiveness of the a technician and what changes might increase their productivity during an average day. Two things came to mind.

First of all, the time taken to complete certain tasks can be reduced with labour saving products, such as; penetrating oils, high temperature grease dispensers with built in brushes, products for removing gasket material or carbon, specialist glues for broken plastics and trim and so on.
Second, that these products should be easily accessible, and usage easy to regulate.

Below is a list of essential chemical consumables and repair products every technician should have direct access to. They have been proven to significantly reduce downtime and enhance the overall service offered.


The market leading plastic repair solution. Enables a high quality repair forehead light tabs, door card clips, broken engine covers, plastic threads, plastic inlet manifolds, cracked mirrors and bumpers etc..

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Deblock Oil

Save significant labour time with this high quality rust pentrant. Free rusted and seized bolts.

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Quick Bond with Activator

A versatile gel glue. Immediate cure with activator. Avoids many of the issues of superglues. Such as; lack of gluing accuracy, dripping and wastage.

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Gasket Remover

Quickly becoming known as the best carbon remover in the business. Especially effective with seized injectors resulting from carbon build-up. Also excellent for cleaning inlet manifolds and as its name suggest, gasket material. A serious labour saving product.

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A versatile lube for protecting electrical connectors and circuit boards. Disperses moisture and protects against corrosion. Also great for restoring weathered plastics.

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Contact cleaner

An excellent cleaner for the cleaning of electrical connections. Removes oxidisation, dirt and grease, thereby guaranteeing God conductivity.

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A very high grade lubricating grease contains precious metals for applications requiring high pressure and temperature resistance. Simplifies the assembly, disassembly and seizing of various metal parts. Perfect for; spark plugs, wheel nuts, alloy wheels, exhausts, brake components (anti-squeal) etc. As1500 is non conductive. Retractable brush saves time and makes jobs more precise and reduces mess.

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Wynn’s Black Gasket Maker

Make seals and gaskets in a rapid easy way. Wynn’s black gasket maker is a high temperature resistant, watertight filling and bonding material. Simple and accurate in use. Perfect for; replacing seals and gaskets of engine components; cylinder head cover, transmission and oil crankcase, water pumps, thermostats, light fittings etc..

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Metal weld

With a two hour cure time and exceptional strength. Metal weld will glue most metals and composites. An excellent alternative to welding when heat or distortion may be an issue, or a weld is unnecessary.

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An extremely useful MS polymer based adhesive and sealant that retains its elasticity and has an amazing bonding strength of 29kg per cm3.
Contains no solvents so will not shrink or crack. It will also cure under water. Incredibly versatile in that it can be painted over wet on wet and and can be sandwiched between two metal parts and can be spot welded through without burning or spitting.

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Multi Lube

With PTFE is a versatile lubricating, cleaning and penetrating fluid with strong insulating properties. Excellent for; freeing seized parts, lubricating door locks, Springs, dissolves grease gums and adhesives, cleaning and protecting workshop tools after use etc..

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Clear lube

A synthetic and extremely adherent grease. PTFE enhanced. Chemical resistant. Perfect for door hinges (avoiding the mess of conventional white grease), silencing squeaks and rattles, safe for ‘o’ ring chains (high anti fling resistance). Also great for lubricating cables, springs etc..

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Silicone lube

A dry ‘invisible’ silicone lube that reduces friction between surfaces. Great for; all sliding surface when you wish to reduce friction.

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Air-intake cleaner

Is a strong solvent cleaner designed to eliminate dirt and deposits in carburettors, air-intake manifold/ throttle valve, automatic choke and P.C.V (positive crankcase ventilation).

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Power Clean

Power Clean removes brake dust, tar, under seal, grease and various types of wax.

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