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Egr 3 and High pressure 3 For highly effective cleaning of the exhaust recirculation system and the fuel system, Wynn’s have developed the EGR twin pack. The EGR3 Aerosol cleans soot deposits from the EGR system, inlet tract and inlet valve. High pressure 3 cleans and lubricates the wet part of the fuel system including the fuel pump, injectors and combustion chamber. When the temperature in the combustion chamber of an engine is too high (over 2500 Degrees Fahrenheit), it produces nitrogen. When nitrogen is mixed with oxygen, nitrogen oxides, or NOx is produced. NOx mixed with other engine emissions such as hydrocarbons, form what we know as smog. One way to reduce these harmful emissions is to recirculate some of the spent exhaust gases back into the engine by way of an Exhaust Recirculation System (EGR). The main component of the EGR system is a valve that metres the exhaust gases back into the engine. The concept is simple. A small amount of exhaust gas is recirculated back into the combustion chamber when the engine is prone to producing nitrogen oxides. Since exhaust gases are inert, in the sense that they cannot be burnt again, combustion temperatures are reduced and the production of NOx is lessened. Problems When the EGR system is working well, your vehicle will run efficiently and harmful emission will be reduced. However, if the EGR system malfunctions, too much or too little exhaust gas will be reintroduced back into the combustion chamber. This may result in poor running, rough idling, stalling and lack of power. If the EGR valve sticks closed at higher engine speeds, the combustion temperature will become too hot causing knocking or pinking; this sounds like rattling ball bearings in a tin and is the result of fuel burning at the wrong time (before the piston has reached the top of it's compression stroke). This kind of detonation is very harmful to the engine. Prolonged periods of pinking will shorten engine life or worse cause the engine failure. If the EGR valve malfunctions at lower engine speeds, the engine may stall or run rough at idle. Although not damaging, it may trigger the 'check engine light' and the engine management may cut power to the engine to reduce the chance of engine damage. Why does the EGR system malfunction? The major cause of EGR failure is the valve mechanism getting stuck either open or closed. This is usually the result of carbon deposits clogging up the EGR system. These deposits also restrict the flow of air into the engine, reducing engine power, increasing fuel consumption and harmful emissions. On modern 'direct injection' engines, the problem is increased because there is no fuel to wash over the inlet valve to keep it clean. Carbon on the inlet valve can also contribute to poor running. Solution In order to keep the EGR system in optimum condition, Wynn's have developed EGR3 for diesel engines and DIP3 for petrol engines. 'Exhaust Gas Recirculation 3' is an aerosol developed for cleaning the air intake system, inlet valves and EGR valves of all diesel engines. Properties Provides immediate thorough cleaning and lubrication of air intake system, inlet valves, EGR valve and connecting tube between EGR valve and air intake manifold. Strong power jet spray to support cleaning action. Dissolves gum, lacquer, tar, carbon and deposits. Easy to use, cleaning takes only 5 to 10 minutes, with a minimum necessity to dismantle components. Restores air flow towards the combustion chamber. Improves engine idling. Restores or maintains the engine performance and fuel consumption. Eliminates and avoids starting problems. Reduces black exhaust emissions and harmful NOx emissions Can turn out engine emission light by restoring proper function to the EGR system For optimum results we recommend a combination of the EGR3 aerosol and a DP3 or an HP3 liquid. As you can see in the picture below. Whilst the EGR3 cleans the EGR system and the inlet, the DP3/HP3 cleans and lubricates the 'wet' part of the fuel system. Home About us Products Safety data sheets Links Contact us Sitemap Testimonials "I have use it quite alot in work lately on different cars and it seems to work! The last one i done was a Zafia td which was guttless and after using the spray and a load of black soot from the exhaust its now back to full power!!! you just have to be brave when using it as the engine seems like its gonna rev up by its self after every spray!!!!" "I have just used Wynns EGR cleaner and car seems to run better allready, will see how it goes as out of warrenty and ford want £80 just to investigate. " valve_topic1698_page1.html "I used some Wynns EGR3 on my 85k mile 2.2 DTi. It needed 2 cans as it had never been done before, but I would think that one can will do for a car with lower miles. It definitely works because I had a look inside the manifold and EGR afterwards to check - it dissolves the soot in the inlet manifold and this is then sucked into the engine and burned up - you have to hold the revs at 2.5k while you spray it in. Obviously, it's not as good as taking everything to bits and scrubbing them - but it it a lot easier." My car is a lot better after using this stuff,more responsive and nippier below 2k revs.highly recomended