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Hydraulic Valve Lifter Concentrate Wynn´s Hydraulic Valve Lifter Concentrate is an oil soluble supplement designed to restore efficient working of hydraulic valve lifters. Ref. Nr. 76844: 24 x 325ml Properties Releases sticking valve stems and hydraulic valve lifter components. Quietens valve train noise. Dissolves dirt, gum and varnish deposits in the oil channels. Contains EP agents for extra protection. Does not harm catalytic converters. Compatible with all mineral, synthetic, single- and multigrade oils. Applications For petrol and diesel engines with or without turbocharger. Directions Add to engine oil. The product can remain in the engine oil till the next oil change. 1 can of 325 ml treats 3 to 6 litres engine oil. Packaging Languages EN/ES/RU/SV/FI Home About us Products Safety data sheets Links Contact us Sitemap