Aircomatic® III

For removal and prevention of bad odours in air- conditioning systems and vehicle interiors
Aircomatic iii

Clean and Purify the Air Conditioning System

Wynn’s Aircomatic®III offers 2 treatments with 1 machine

Use with Wynn’s Airco-Clean® Ultrasonic to disinfect the air conditioning and Wynn’s Air Purifier and ozone treatment to eliminate and neutralise bad smells in the passenger compartment of vehicles.

Wynn's Airco Clean Treatment

Contrary to other air conditioning treatments that require dismantling of parts, with Wynn's Airco-Clean treatment you don't even need to remove the pollen filter! This alone will save you money.

Once the Wynn's Airco treatment is started the process is completely autonomous and automatically switches off at the end of the treatment, leaving you free to carry out other jobs.
We distinguish ourselves from the other brands of air conditioning treatments because of our Aircomatic programme has evolved and has been extensively tested over many years, providing you and your customers with the very best treatment available and guaranteed results.

Airco-clean is the approved air-con programme for many car manufacturers.

Why do you need Wynn's Airco Clean Treatment

Air conditioning is no longer a luxury item fitted to only prestigious cars, these days the majority of vehicles on our roads have air conditioning or climate control. Air conditioning has many benefits for the driver and passengers; keeping the windows free of condensation and improving visibility, providing a controlled temperature in the car cabin helping maintain driver awareness, and what is more pleasant than driving on a hot summers day with a cool breeze?

However, air conditioning is not maintenance free and its operation can be seriously affected resulting in a less pleasant driving experience.

All kinds of bacteria including legionella, moulds and other micro-organisms, industrial pollution, exhaust gasses, nicotineand pollen can build up in the air conditioning system. When the air conditioning is switched on this contamination is blown into the passenger compartment where it is inhaled by the driver and their passengers.


A direct consequence of inhaling this contaminated air can be complaints of irritation to eyes and bronchial tubes, bacterial infections, allergic reactions, and often most noticeability unpleasant smells in the car cabin.

How Does Wynn's Airco Clean® Treatment Work?

The Airco-Clean® liquid is nebulized by the ultrasonic cell in the Aircomatic®III machine; the Airco-Clean® vapour finds its way to the deepest recess of the air conditioning system, killing all the bacteria and microbial contamination in the air conditioning evaporator unit.

This very fine nebulization (< 5 Micron) of the Airco-Clean® liquid ensures maximum effectiveness is achieved, and 100% penetration of the heater box and evaporator unit is accomplished. The nebulized liquid cleans between all the cooling fins and disinfects the complete surface of the evaporator unit, and also the air ducting, blowers and vents in the passenger compartment.

The very fine Airco-Clean® vapour even passes through the pollen filter (including carbon filters); this is a real advantage as a Wynns Airco-Clean® treatment can be done without any component removal, and the whole process only takes 20 minutes!

Laboratory testing by the certified SGS office have shown that even the potentially lethal legionella bacteria were killed and re-growth prevented for at least 6 months.

Other air conditioning treatments do not have this fine nebulization and consequently their treatment does not reach all the contamination deep in the vehicle's air conditioning system, the source of the bacterial problems. This means the cause of the problem is not eliminated, and bacteria infestation reforms quickly, and the bacteria contamination and associated odours quickly return.

Testing in Vehicle

Air conditioning treatments that expel a thick vapour of the liquid may cause accumulation of moisture that removes the protective coating of the evaporator resulting in corrosion, and the need to replace the evaporator which may be very expensive. The high moisture levels can also lead to electrical short circuits and vehicle interior damage.

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