Maintenance Range Workshop Rack

Workshops use time-saving aerosols on every vehicle.
They are tools that need to be situated close the toolbox.
SWL have created a handy Workshop Maintenance Rack
Smart Rack

A few years ago, a master technician from a busy franchise told me that his workshop only had two watering cans between ten technicians! Every time he needed to fill up a washer bottle, he would first spend a few minutes locating the watering can, walk across the workshop to fill it, then head back to his work station. The next technician would then repeat and so on. In an average day, each tech wasted approximately 10 minutes on this task. That's a staggering eight hours per week of lost labour time.

This made me consider what else was slowing down productivity in the workshop. The following points became very apparent.

1. Technicians generally do not have service products to hand. 
2. The products they are using are often not fit for purpose. 
3. Time is wasted searching for products. 
4. Low quality products do not work properly and do not last very long. 
5. Labour saving products are absent. 

The solution

1. Provide the correct products for the job. 
2. Include labour saving products 
3. Make these products easily accessible; Position them in a Smart-Rack at each work station.

The results

Workshops using these racks have found significant gains in productivity through; 
1. Reduced down-time 
2. Increase productivity through labour saving products 
3. Reduce waste and create a tidy workshop

The racks

The racks are designed to fit simply and easily to each work station. They can be attached to the wall, work bench, tool box or trolley.

Smart Racks
Smart Racks

Where customisation is needed; we can supply racks in nearly any colour, size and with any logo.

Smart Racks

We can also provide a universal glovebox holder, that will fit almost every brand.

Smart Racks

Create a more productive tidy workshop utilising the best products for the job.

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