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Both modern cars and older vehicles have specific requirements, that have a chemical solution to provide the optimal engine performance and driving comfort. Modern fuel systems are highly tuned and therefore more susceptible to the negative effects of chemical reactions in the fuel.These lead to fouling of the fuel system, lack of lubrication, corrosion and other problems. Older vehicles experience problems to obtain the correct air/fuel ratio and combustion efficiency due to accumulation of deposits in the fuel system and wear on the components.

WYNN´S WHEEL CLEANER is a water-based product of neutral pH with the COLOUR CHANGE & NON-DRIP exclusive properties.

The NON-DRIP formulation allows the product to remain in contact with the wheel surface for longer time, improving the cleaning action.
The COLOUR CHANGE feature serves as visual proof of performance, turning the wheel colour to red as it breaks down the dirt.


  • For all type of metallic wheels.
  • Neutral pH.
  • Non-Drip formulation for a deeper, optimal cleaning. The dirt and product remain soft for easier rinse.
  • Colour change to prove the exclusive cleaning power.
  • Easy to use; apply, observe the colour change and remove the remaining dirt with ease.


  • Spray the product directly on to the wheel surface.
  • Let the product work for 2-3 minutes until the product becomes red.
  • Rinse the product with a pressure washer or a hose.
  • If required, brush the wheel surface for stubborn, ingrained dirt.
  • Do not apply on hot surfaces.
  • If in doubt, test on a non-visible part first.
  • Some dark spots might appear on the exposed disc surface and caliper after applying the product. They are completely innocuous and will disappear after driving a few hundred meters.


  • PN42403
    • Units per box: 6 units
    • Capacity: 500ml.


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