Innotec supplies manufacture their very own brand of techno/ chemical products. With over 30 years of experience and expertise, Innotec has become an innovator in providing solutions for a large number of industries.

Deblock Oil XS is a mix of quick rust dissolvers and lubricants, which is far more effective than ordinary penetrating oils. Thanks to very specific ingredients, the product provides, under extreme shear stress, such as when loosening rusty bolts or nuts, high quality interfacial lubrication to prevent re-seizing during disassembly.

Thanks to the slowly evaporating solvents, Deblock Oil XS can also be used in situations where a long-term creep is required and even release extremely rusted screw connections.

The product can be applied to all types of metal, also to sensitive joints, such as steel bolts in aluminium, to prevent damage when unscrewing. 

Because many mounting points are difficult to access or located underneath an object, the aerosol packaging is specially designed to operate in any position. These points are easy to reach thanks to the special unbreakable nozzle and small tube.

Surface preparation:

The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease.

Method of use:

Shake well before use. Spray directly on part for treatment. Let it penetrate for 10 minutes and turn the part loose. If necessary, repeat treatment.

Applications such as dismantling: 

- Parts of the brake 
- Parts of the exhaust pipe 
- Parts of the Wheel suspension 
- Ventilating pipe couplings 
- Fastening bolts 
- Heat shields 
- The parts of a machine 
- on each other corroded metals such as aluminium-steel joints 


- Strong rust remover, loosens seized parts. 
- Low surface tension; high penetrating effect. 
- Quick effect on rust, dirt, etc. 
- On graphite basis; lubricates during disassembly. 
- Applicable on all types of metal. 
- Repels moisture. 
- Does not adversely affect rubber. 
- Easy to apply; the aerosol packaging operates in any position. 
- Anti-shock nozzle   


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