Metal Weld is a new generation isocyanate-free 2-component methacrylate glue which is perfectly suitable for the structural bonding of almost all ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as a wide range of composite materials.

Its special composition makes Metal Weld particularly suited for easily creating tough, strong adhesive bonds on various (metal) surfaces, such as steel and aluminium. Also on a wide range of composite materials Metal Weld creates, after curing, an unprecedented bond with extremely high shear strengths. And all this without prior treatment with a primer! 

Metal Weld is white in colour, which is quite rare in its kind. Moreover, the product is extremely resistant to UV, chemicals and the effects of weather, which ensures long-term colourfastness. The open time of 8-10 minutes enables to join the parts correctly. Thanks to the thixotropic consistency Metal Weld shows a good stability on vertical parts and thus also an excellent (gap) filling capacity.

Metal Weld is very user-friendly and can be dosed very accurately thanks to the handy dual cartridge with mixer nozzle and the use of the Mixer Gun. The special mixer nozzle always ensures the right mixture proportions. After use, this mixer nozzle must be removed and the cartridge must be closed by placing back the cap in its original position.


- 2-component product for the bonding of almost all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
- Excellent adhesion.
- Deliverable in white and maintaining its colourfastness.
- Excellent UV and chemical resistance.
- Good temperature resistance.
- Applicable without primer.
- Handy twin cartridge with mixer nozzle allowing easy dosing of the product.