Congratulations, you are only a few moments away from ordering THE solution to your 'limp' or 'ill' Turbo. If you are looking for a 'fix' for your turbo, or the turbo just needs a service to keep it 100%, then this product is the BEST available and for only the price of a football shirt.

We can't guarantee it will work, but it's worth trying before spending £100's on a new turbo. And if you search Google you can clearly see 1000's of people have used, and now rave about how successful it has been for them.

If you want advice, just call us!

Why and How?

Turbo Clean Set is a specially designed set to solve problems of diesel engines in a fast and efficient way such as contamination and seizing of the variable geometry of turbos and catalysts caused by carbon residues.

What do I get?

 The set consists of 5 different products.

  1. Turbo Clean 1 is a strong cleaner which is specially developed to dissolve carbon deposits in the turbo or catalyst without disassembling them.
  2. Turbo Clean 2 is a specially developed rinse agent to neutralise Turbo Clean 1 and to rinse it together with the carbon and dirt residues.
  3. Turbo Clean 3 is a very strong cleaner for the fuel system and the combustion chamber of the motor. The product improves the working of both the motor and turbo, and it provides for an excellent protection against new carbon deposits.
  4. Turbo Clean Tube is a long tube to apply Turbo Clean 1 and Turbo Clean 2. As the tube is extra long, also turbos and catalysts, which are difficult to reach, can be cleaned efficiently.
  5. Turbo Clean Card is intended to seal the turbo outlet, so that the turbo can be filled completely with Turbo Clean 1 and a thorough cleaning can be achieved.


- Very fast and efficient cleaning.
- Easy to apply without difficult disassembly.
- Improves the power and consumption of the motor.


- 1x Turbo Clean 1

- 1x Turbo Clean 2

- 1x Turbo Clean 3

- 1x Turbo Clean card

- 1x Long Nozzle