Do you ever need a professional spray-on sealer for seams? Spray Seal is regarded as the best product of its type by our customers for the repairing of factory original seams.
Also this sprayable sealant is often being applied as stone chip protection in e.g. wheel arches or as sound and vibration dampening on large plates, such as the rear side or the roof of the truck cabin. Spray Seal is known for repairing these original structures, but also for solving the problems with resonance afterwards.

Surface preparation:

The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease. Clean surfaces with Innotec Multisol.

Method of use:

Spray at 4 to 5 bar using the specially designed Sealer Applicator.

Features and Benefits:

-Spray-Seal is an aromatic-free
-Sprayable bodywork sealant,
-Imitate the factory original seams and structures on sheet metal parts for many makes of vehicle.
-Spray-Seal can be worked extremely finely without over-spray or spider-webbing.
-Spray-Seal can be sprayed over wet-on-wet after 30 minutes.
-Spray-Seal is isocyanate-free and retains its elasticity at all times.
-Does not shrink and thanks to its excellent adhesion it protects the surface well.
-Spray-Seal comes in two variants: Spray Seal HS-m and Spray-Seal LS-m.
-Very fast skin formation and drying.
-Can be worked finely and is simple to apply.
-Excellent rust prevention under sealed coating.
-Impact and chip resistant.
-Available in 6 factory original colours.
-Spray-Seal has an extremely long storage life in the Sealer Applicator.
-Spray seal comes in two variations.
-Spray-Seal LS-m is ideal for large surfaces thanks to its sound insulating properties.
-Spray-Seal LS-m is ideal for floor panels, wheel arches and sills.
Spray-Seal HS-m due to its high constancy is ideal for very coarsely sprayed structures requiring a very thick layer of product. The product can also be used with a sealant spray, so that precision seams, such as door seams can be applied perfectly, and the product can also be applied with a nylon brush.
The handy 290 ml cartridges make Spray-Seal very economical and easy to use. The wide range of settings available with the special Sealer Applicator makes it possible to imitate just about any structure. The Seal Applicator is made in such a way that an open sealant cartridge will keep in the pistol for a very long time. This also keeps cleaning to a minimum.
When brushing the sealant it is recommended to use the Brush for the best results.