Inno-Seal is a unique permanently elastic sealant with adhesive properties made from MS polymers. The product is suitable for gluing and sealing and provides good adhesion to many common surfaces such as metal, plastic, rubber and glass. It is very quick to form a skin, fast curing, and extremely flexible and strong with a bonding strength of 22kg per cm². Inno-Seal contains no solvents, so the glued or sealed area is not subject to shrinkage or cracking. Neither does the product contain isocyanates.
The product can be sprayed over easily with just about any modern paint system, even wet-on-wet, saving an enormous amount of time.
Inno-Seal is also perfectly suited for applications between two parts for spot welding later.
The handy 290 ml cartridge makes Inno-Seal very economical and easy to use.

Surface preparation:

The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease. Clean surfaces with Innotec Multisol or Innotec Seal and Bond Remover. Clean plastic surfaces with Innotec Repaplast Cleaner Antistatic. Plastic, porous or extremely difficult surfaces must be pre-treated with Innotec Repaplast Primer New Formula or Innotec Seal Guard.

Method of use:

Apply Adheseal directly from the cartridge using a glue gun (InnoQuip Pro 2000 Gun or Easy Grip Gun). When gluing, join the parts together within 10 minutes. If necessary smooth with Innotec Seal Fluid.


- Solvent-free.
- No isocyanates.
- Odorless.
- Can be sprayed over immediately / painted over with just about every modern lacquer.
- Perfect adhesion.
- Does not shrink or crack.