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What products are essential for car servicing?

AS 1500 is a very high-grade lubricating grease containing precious metals for applications requiring high pressure and temperature resistance. Even in extreme temperatures (up to 1500°C) the product offers the best possible boundary lubrication. Due to all these properties AS 1500 guarantees perfect lubrication under the most extreme circumstances. 

AS 1500 has very good insulating properties, as a result of which it is also safe to use in braking systems. On metals it forms a tightly sealed protective layer, which does not give way or burn away. In addition, the product gives excellent protection against dampness and corrosion. AS 1500 simplifies the assembly and disassembly of various kinds of (light) metal parts, and prevents them from seizing together. What we have in mind here are sparking plugs, wheel nuts, exhausts, brake components, engine components, nuts and bolts. Many of these mounting points are subject to weathering, and it is important to use AS 1500 to make the task of disassembly easier. 

The temperature range is very wide (-30°C to +1500°C), making this product extremely well suited to brake components. These parts can be subject to high temperatures. 
AS 1500 can be used on the back of the brake blocks. The precious metal particles in AS 1500 transfer the heat from the brake disc to the calliper. They also remove friction between the metal parts of the brake blocks and calliper, preventing the squeal of metal on metal when the brakes are pressed. 

AS 1500 is perfectly pressure resistant. In addition, the product is water-repellent and therefore helps prevent rust. The product does not affect rubbers or plastics. 

Packaging in a dual chamber pressurised can is less harmful to the environment and guarantees a long pot life. The special valve prevents blockages of the nozzle and does not break off. It also makes it possible to operate the can with one hand. By mounting the brush (supplied, art.no. 90.2753) to the nozzle the product can be dosed perfectly, making nuts and bolts extremely easy to grease. 

Surface preparation:

The surface must be clean, dry, free of grease and non-corroded. Clean surfaces with Innotec Multisol or Innotec Power Clean.

Method of use:

Apply directly from the packaging to the part for lubrication using the special nozzle and brush.


- Can without propellant; 100% product. 
- Very high peak temperature resistance (+1500°C). 
- Simple to apply. 
- Simplifies assembly and disassembly. 
- Forms a tightly sealed protective layer on metals. 
- Protects motor parts, exhaust systems, screws, bolts, nuts, gear wheels, brake components and all parts exposed to water and corrosion. 
- Reduces friction on all moving parts.   


Essential Toolkit

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