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What products are essential for car servicing?

Multiflex Coating HS Plus is a highly flexible stone chip protector with perfect anti-corrosion and sound deadening qualities. Because of its ease of use, the original structure can be perfectly imitated.

Multiflex Coating HS Plus is isocyanate-free and retains its flexibility at all times. The product offers perfect adhesion to bare metal and primed metal. It is extremely fast drying and after full curing it can be sprayed over with just about any type of modern paint system.

Multiflex Coating HS Plus can be used for repairs to vehicles and to restore the factory original coating. On vehicles these coatings are applied to the sills, wheel arches, and other bodywork parts.
Another important property of the product is that it is resistant to solvents when fully cured.

The economical 1 litre packaging makes Multiflex Coating HS Plus perfect for spraying with the Pressure Pot Gun. The wide range of settings available on these guns allows you to spray layers of any thickness and to copy lots of different structures.


- Ideal to imitate OEM structures.
- Free of PVC and isocyanates.
- Easy to apply.
- Perfect adhesion to bare metal and primed metal.
- Can be painted over after 20 minutes with most solvent-based paint systems.
- Perfectly sandable when dry.
- Resistant to solvents when fully cured.
- Remains flexible and does not age.
- UV resistant.
- Extremely long storage life.
- Extremely high solid content, so excellently suited for applications where a large layer thickness is desired.

Essential Toolkit

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